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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
-Steve Jobs

This is a designers dream

Your creative director say’s: “the sky’s the limit!” So you get one of the top photographers on the West Coast (who happens to be a friend and a client), your wife, friends, neighbors, kids, a couple dogs and a Harley and just start shooting. You bring back real life to camping, people just being themselves instead of the perfect photoshopped families that no one believes.

The back story

There are those Instagram moments of outdoor perfection where ripped chicks and chiseled dudes jump off waterfalls and docks and close the day in thousand dollar ultralight tents. And then there’s reality, the reality of camping as it’s known by the remaining 99 percent. In this case, we captured and romanticized the simplicity of going about camping as we’ve always known it.

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How we did it

Not complicated. We worked up some comps, pored over maps, tapped a great photographer (who also happens to be a close friend), packed the gear, grabbed the family, the neighbors, the friends, a Harley, some pickup trucks and hit the road. Along the way, we captured those moments of real life camping that come when you’re not mugging for the cell phone.

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