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“It's human to fall down.
The magic happens when you get back up.”
-Grant Korgan

How we did it

Grant and Shawna Korgan are the heart and fire of the Choose Positivity Now brand as well as the must-read book “Two Feet Back.” They’ve traveled the country on their motivational speaking tours ultimately leading them to train for, filming, starring, and producing “The Push,” an extraordinary film that showcases the heroic power of love and the enduring human spirit to choose possibility through positivity.

While Grant and Shawna are the foundation for all things “Korg,” there is another behind the scenes force. This photo of Doug Hansen (Shawna’s father and Grant’s father-in-law) captures the true spirit of their brand. This motley crew of father, husband, brother, and friend have shed tears and picked everyone up at some of the toughest moments in this journey. Doug has been there to setup tradeshows, sold t-shirts, heart fire necklaces, spoke up bracelets, and did it all with a heart-warming smile and generous hug. That’s the power of this photo. Here’s how it went:

Doug, how do you feel about taking off your shirt?

Why do you want to see this 70-year oldish guy with no shirt?

It will capture the spirit of Heart/Fire perfectly!

Let’s do it!

Enough said.

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