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“If your business is not on the internet,
then your business will be out of business.”
-Bill Gates

screenshot of jessie fitness website branding

How we did it

In a world where agro runs rampant, we found a way of conveying health and fitness that appeals to women who define “the ripple effect” not as a row of taut abs but more as how fitness effects mindsets and lifestyles. And we found a gem in the most unlikely of places: Jessie’s penmanship. Jessie’s graceful signature is a far cry from bold, battered and overblown. We tapped a local artist to elevate Jessie’s signature to her logo, an upgrade that better conveyed her personal approach to fitness.

Be in your best shape.

jessie fitness ebook designs by rhinohub
jessie fitness ebook designs by rhinohub
jessie fitness ebook designs by rhinohub

Hand-lettered type

RhinoHub has done exactly as the name implies, time and again. Our appreciation for marketing’s tried-and-true formulas and infatuation with the endless pursuit of “what ifs” has given us a personality that’s as much Jules Verne as it is David Ogilvy. We tinker. We try. We wrinkle our foreheads, wonder far, wander wide, and arrive at successful solutions for those who appreciate the potent mixture of imagination and experience.

handwritten image of jessies handwriting
final logo based off the creators handwriting
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