Mountainside at Northstar

Go tell it on the mountain.


Mountainside at Northstar


website development

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.”
-Gary Snyder

Organic brand direction highlighting the beauty of mountain living.

It’s one thing to speak in terms of square feet and how many bedrooms and bathrooms a place has, it’s another to create a dynamic website designed to stir tales of adventures, magical moments and family memories to be made. Our digital marketing agency was up to the challenge.

screenshot of the mountainside website developed by rhinohub
screenshot of mountainside at northstar website for laptop and mobile developed by rhinohub

How we did it

Life happens here. A lot. This outdoor, family-focused community in North Lake Tahoe is where residents enjoy the outdoors. But Mountainside at Northstar felt their current website didn’t properly reveal the beauty of the multi-million dollar properties they were selling. They initially requested a few changes but after digging deeper, did a complete redesign of the homepage, and combed through the rest of the website, uncovering plenty of opportunities on their behalf, including a new design style and enhanced consumer interfacing, We ended up with a website that is more visually appealing, easier to navigate, and — most importantly — is a proper representation of their brand.

Adventure, Discover and Explore

screenshot of the mountainside website

Brand & user storytelling

RhinoHub has done exactly as the name implies, time and again. Our appreciation for marketing’s tried-and-true formulas and infatuation with the endless pursuit of “what ifs” has given us a personality that’s as much Jules Verne as it is David Ogilvy. We tinker. We try. We wrinkle our foreheads, wonder far, wander wide, and arrive at successful solutions for those who appreciate the potent mixture of imagination and experience.

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