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What Reno Web Design Means to Us

Let’s be honest. Every company needs a website. Word-of-mouth is great and it can feel exclusive when you get referral business, but odds are, even that customer tried to look you up on the web. And a modern-day consumer will be surprised and perhaps a bit disappointed to see that your brand isn’t represented with a website.

Unfortunately, that same savvy consumer will also care about what your website looks like. It’s not enough anymore to have a website just to have a website. Since the user cares what your website looks like, so does Google.

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Web Design and SEO

While we can bitch and moan about constantly bowing to Google rules, the reality is they own the search engines. In Google’s defense, their search engine optimization algorithm does help make the internet a better place by pushing transparent, honest, and modern brands to the top of searches.

While those top spaces are getting more and more crowded, it just means that the best of the best are putting the work in to stay ahead. One of the ways to stay current is through creative, and modern, website design.

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UX in Mind with Reno Web Design

An algorithm is machine learning, yes, but it does take user experience into account. How does it do that, you ask? Well, it sees how the user interacts with the site by the time they stay on-page and how much they click around and interact with the interface. These metrics are improved upon with good graphic design.

A website should be simple to use with copy that’s easy to read with a menu that’s easy to navigate with landing pages targeting the correct keywords. It’s that simple.

That’s a joke because it’s not that simple. In addition to quality design there are a whole bunch of things that need to be organized behind the scenes for a responsive website to be successful including:

Site Speed

Site Structure

Mobile Experience

Technical SEO

Site Speed

Site Structure

Mobile Experience

Technical SEO

If this seems like a lot, that’s okay because it is. That’s why we are here.

Reno, NV Web Design Agency, Marketing Agency, Creative Agency | RhinoHub

If your company needs some digital marketing help, including stellar website design, we can help. With in-house graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, SEO experts, creative wherewithal, and years of experience, we can get you where you need to go.

From logo design to new website builds to redesigns, RhinoHub charges forward with skill and balance when it comes to web design & development and online marketing services.

As a local Reno business, we care about your success.

Reach out to see what we can do for you.

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