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Websites should be simple to use and simple to understand. Not only is an easy-to-use website necessary to perform technically online, but it is required to be able to be used by all.

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ADA-Accessible Websites

Websites are now deemed public places, and as such, they must be accessible to those with disabilities. An accessible website contains technical code to allow the use of assistive technologies like screen readers and keyboard navigation tools.

While an ADA-compliant website isn’t technically law, you can still get fined. The ADA has a set of guidelines, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), that you must follow in order to avoid litigation

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An ADA-accessible website is able to be used by:

Blind and deaf people

Those with cognitive and learning disabilities

People with anxieties and behavioral issues

Design is everything.

A lot goes into designing an accessible website. While we absolutely take into consideration white space, color contrasts (especially with links), and site navigation structure, we check our work by using a third-party tool called accessiBe.

By utilizing AI, accessiBe ensures that the websites we build are:

Safe from Lawsuits

Easy to Use

Accessible for ALL

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ADA Compliance
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